Following is the issue I faced when installing, the installer said there was some parameter that was entered wrong. I had got MySql installed at port 3306 with a user name and password which I used while installing pentaho.
I came to the stage of entering the following and entered the standard default values.
solution repository name:Hibernate;Quartz Repository Name:Quartz; Sampledata Database Name:Sampledata; Database username: pentaho_user. and set a password(same as the mysql database, also tried a different password, same with the user name, default as well as the one in mysql).
At this stage the installer said some parameter was wrong and takes me back to the solution repository name screen.

Can you see if there is something I am doing wrong here.

P.S.: I am using Pentaho Open BI Suite, Pre-configured Installation (PCI) - MySQL Version: 1.6.0.GA.863 (GA) from