I have been trying to create an MDX report against a MySQL database, but have not been successful.
So only for test if I was doing things good I create a back Up of sampledata from one machine ( and recovery the data in another server my localhost in ( and I can create an MDX report against sampledata in MySql in and works but did not work at

I have two MySqlServers one at and the other at localhost ( the sampledata db is the same in both servers and there are the same permisions.

ReportDesigner 1.6 build 348. (Under Kubuntu 7.10)
I created two JNDI connection for both datasource and tested connection - both works.

I checked the "Use Mondrian Cube Definition" box and specified my *.mondrian.xml file, then entered valid MDX. When I click OK, I get "Could not fetch data: Mondrian Error: Internal error: Error while creating SQL dialect" If I use the ( connection.

If I use the remote MySqlServer all things goes succesfull .. ...
What am I doing Wrong? Do I have to configure another file?? mondrian properties perhaps??