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Thread: Package resourceloader NOT included in reporting engine :s

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    Default Package resourceloader NOT included in reporting engine :s

    Hi, I'm new to the reporting engine and when at last i thought that y had finished the template with the Report Designer I copy-pasted some code from jfreereport-0.8.3-A4-pdf:
     URL in = getClass().getResource("../Report/ReservasPorCliente.Report");
            JFreeReport report = null;
            ReportGenerator generator = ReportGenerator.createInstance();
            try {
                report = generator.parseReport(in);
            } catch (Exception e) {
               System.err.println("jButton1ActionPerformed() Error parseando el reporte!");
    then, at compile time I got this!
    class file for org.jfree.resourceloader.ResourceManager not found

    I downloaded pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-ga package which only contains the report package inside jfree:
    no resourceloader here... any help would be MUCH appreciated

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    In the programming world, there is a concept called libraries. We make heavy use of it.

    Look into the "libs" directory and you'll find a couple of JARs that are needed to run the reporting engine. A programm as complex as a reporting engine almost always separates domains of concern into libraries to make it easier to maintain clean interfaces and to decouple the code.
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    Hi! Thanks! I know about the library staff.. but I thought that the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-0.8.9-ga package tree didn't know about the libs dir.. THANKS AGAIN!

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