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Thread: Report Designer Suggestions

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    Default Report Designer Suggestions

    More thoughts for future improvements:

    * In Report Definition Area, it would be nice to be able to multi-select objects by simply left clicking, dragging your cursor across the pages so that you could highlighting what you wanted to move (or re-sized, etc) easily. Ideally, this type of selection method would be available even across bands.

    * It would also be helpful to move objects, once selected, with the arrow keys. It seems often that you want to just nudge an object a small amount and not have to rely on either the mouse or setting the X and Y co-ordinates.

    * The process of adding functions to a report seems overly cumbersome. I think it would be easier to have all functions available to the report and "added" to the report behind the scenes whenever a user defines a new field using one of the functions.

    * I'd like to see the log-in for the data set disconnect when the user shuts down Report Designer. And force them to log back in once they've re-opened a particular .report file.

    * It would be helpful if a user could direcly click on a .report file without having to first start Report Designer.

    * Sorting at the report level would be very helpful. I find often that you don't know exactly how you want data sorted when writing the SQL but rather like to tweak sorting on the fly when building the report. Also, sorting seems to be more troublesome when your report includes grouping. I haven't tested it but I wonder if you wrote your SQL so that the report group field was part of the sort, whether that would carry through to the report when viewed in Preview? I have my doubts since the aggregation does not happen in the SQL but rather as part of the Report Designer tool.
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