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Thread: When

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    dmoran Guest

    Question When

    So far - June 13, 2008 is the very likely date.

    We started with this date because it was far enough away to plan, the weather usually nice by then, vacations haven't started in full swing yet and it didn't look like there were any other major events that might stop people from coming.

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    Default European Football Championship

    Hi guys,

    as it is intended to meet up people from different countries (not only Germany), the dates of the European Football Championship might be interesting for some people.

    for example:
    Friday, 13.06.2008
    18:00 Italy - Romania
    20:45 Netherland - France

    This is only a hint.


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    good point - we will ensure to have a TV set with a beamer for the evening ;-)
    There are also a lot of bars with TV in a walking distance if something goes wrong or for the 20:45 game.

    For all non soccer fans we have planned to go down into the deep historic cellars of a sparkling wine producer with following a tasting session on this evening... since we have a limited number of participants for this, the soccer thing is a good alternative.


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    Default playing schedule

    Hi Jens,

    every day from the 6. to the 22. of june there will be soccer-matches. So the 13. is as good as every other date in this range, I think.
    Spielplan der Endrunde vom 7. bis 29. Juni 2008

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    Wink 2. chance: scheduler

    at the bottom of this page

    I better use the preview function
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    FYI: We are NOT meeting ONLY in the evening.

    --> We want to start this in the morning or in the afternoon on this Friday ;-)

    And the evening is reserved for other fun ;-)

    I'll update the wiki:


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    Default The date is fixed now to June 13-14, 2008

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