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Thread: Prompt/Secure Filter - Select Option From List And Reload

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    Default Prompt/Secure Filter - Select Option From List And Reload

    All reports for our application get data for either Company A or Company B. Each report will have multiple parameters, mostly pulldown lists, but the data options in the lists are dynamic depending on the company selected. Is it possible to have a Prompt/Secure Filter where the first option is to select a Company and then when the company is selected (or changed) the Prompt/Secure Filter is reloaded so I can change the options in the rest of my pulldown lists?


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    Default have the same problem

    does anyone have an answer to this problem?
    I want to create 2 lists of input data (pulldown lists) where the choices in the second list are extracted from the DB depending on the choice of the first list.
    thanks in advance for the feedback

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    There is a sample that comes with Pentaho 1.6 GA that might be helpful. It is at Samples > Reporting Examples > Dependent Parameter Examples > Dynamic Dependent Parameter Page.

    You can also do more than one prompt/secure filter action, one after another. It's not as elegant, but it is easier.

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