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Thread: oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP

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    Default oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP

    I have following problem.

    I have created a database table with 2 columns (1 is varchar and 2nd is timestamp(9)). When defining pentaho dataset I got pop up saying oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP and therefore it is not posible to define the dataset.

    When I exclude the timestamp column there is no problem.

    I'm using oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver and the database is Oracle 10g (with RAC, have tried also without RAC and got the same problem)

    Please help me, I'm stuck and cant go further

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    Default Possibly...

    On the Oracle side, use the to_char function to convert the timestamp to a string. That would still give you the data and the report will still under stand the data. If you need to order by the timestamp, you can still order by the column with the to_char function.

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    I have found that the problem is with loading of JDBC drivers. When you uncomment following line
    REM FOR %%F IN (lib\jdbc\*.jar) DO call :updateClassPath %%F
    in startdesigner.bat everything work properly

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