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Thread: AdHoc Reporting is useless as html, change it do xaction

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    Default AdHoc Reporting is useless as html, change it do xaction


    create a report in real-time, is a good thing, but it don't need to be static forever. I think that two things are necessary to make Ad-hoc reports better.

    1) The reports created need to be saved as .xaction, so when I execute it again, the data will be refreshed. Save it as html is a bad idea. It's my option, of course.

    2) The reports create need to be saved is a particular directory of user that create it, so he can create important reports to him, and see that again when necessary with the real-data in real-time.

    Thank you

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    1) When you create a report in the WAQR interface and publish it to the server a .xaction is created as well as a report definition and saved to the server.

    2) The reports will run real time. AS for user directories... i will leave that for someone else to answer.

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