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Thread: Read a value of fact table for a specific level

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    Default Read a value of fact table for a specific level

    I have this problem..

    my dimension table is defined in this way:

    n_id | name1 | name2
    1 | aaa |NULL
    2 | aaa |bbb
    3 | aaa |ccc
    4 | aaa |ddd

    int the fact table there are records of this type:

    n_id | t_id | v_id | value
    1 | 1 | 3 | 1.5,
    2 | 2 | 3 | 1.3
    3 | 2 | 3 | 1.2
    4 | 3 | 3 | 1.4

    and in mondrian xml schema I have defined a dimension of this type:

    <Dimension name="Dim" foreingKey="n_id">
    <Hierarchy hasAll="false" primaryKey="n_id" primaryKeyTable="n_table">
    <Level name="Level1" table="n_table" column="name1" uniqueMembers="false" hideMemberIf="IfBlankName"/>
    <Level name="Level2" table="n_table" column="name2" uniqueMembers="false" hideMemberIf="IfBlankName"/>

    and the measure of the cube is

    <Measure name="Values" column="value" aggregator="avg" formatString="#,##0.000"/>

    the problem is...

    in jpivot table if I group by Level1 ("aaa") the result is an avarage from the value associated to the n_id 1 and the values of other n_id (2,3,4).

    But I would that the value show is only read from code n_id possible?

    I would try to define a new Measure with CalculatedMember to exclude aggregation for the primary level but I need help.

    Can you help me about this problem?

    If I have a value associated to a specific level how can I exclude aggregation of sublevel? Is possible with CalculatedMember? or there are other solutions?

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