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Thread: Seeing a report in .xaction

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    Default Seeing a report in .xaction

    Hello, I'm having some trouble seeig the reports I make. I made a report using the wizard in design studio, the preview there works fine. Then, I create a .xaction file and add the .xreport to its 'process actions' but when i try to see it in my browser I get a message saying that the action was processed OK but I don't see the report, I just see blank screen that says (including the latter message from pentaho):

    Acción ejecutada con Éxito reporte=samples/reporting/reporte.xaction.pdf, samples/reporting/reporte.xaction/pdf/5de38c29-d8c6-11dc-8b41-bf189526efc6, application/pdf

    Please, any helop will be welcome. Thanks

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    Have you tried choosing HTML as output type, instead of PDF? Do you get the same result?

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