Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the correct place for this to be, but it probably makes sense to put it here...

What I am seeking to know is what it would take to build a 'server' appliction that can be used for the scheduling of the PDI jobs / transformations?

I was thinking of a simple .war file. Deploy the servlet, manage the scheduling etc... from the applet / servlet and either use the jobs in a repository or load one in.

I have seen a few makeshift approaches to this problem that use external schedulers, but nothing that seems like a 'clean' approach to solving the problem. Maybe I am missing something here but I am unable to see a simple and direct way of handling this problem, only bespoke developed work-arounds.

PDI is a great tool, really only limited (IMHO) by the lack of a 'server' and 'scheduling interface' that can make use of the repository. If it were deployable in this way - I couldnt see why anyone wouldnt use it.

Any thoughts?

The Frog