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Thread: Problems in JPivot when decimal separator is commas

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    Default Problems in JPivot when decimal separator is commas

    I am having trouble setting a conditional format in the MDX Query Editor of a Jpivot.

    The values that are coming in from my MySQL database use “,” (comma) as the decimal separator. Furthermore, my regional settings are set Spanis (numbers are: ###.###.###,##). I am using PCI GA. My cubes have been set up with the CD and I have tunned them using Workbench I am using W/XP and jave jdk/jre My encoding has been set to ISO-8859-1, in order to accomodate to spanish charatcers.

    My Measure definition reads:

    <Measure name=”Satisfaccion%” column=”%_SATISFAC” datatype=”Numeric” formatString=”#,#%” aggregator=”avg” </Measure>

    What I would like to is to show:

    If Satisfaccion% is greater than 0,84, then use “|#,#%|style=’green’”, else
    If Sastisfaccion% is less than 0,61, then use “|#,#%|style=’red’”, else
    Use “#,#%”.

    I have followed the usual examples I have seen which relate to conditional formatting in “calculated members” -which in my case do not apply. I have even tried creating a pseudo calculated member (NS) in the MDX Query Editor, such as:

    with member [Measure].[NS] as ‘([Measure].[Satisfaccion%] * 1)’,
    format_string = IIf((([Measure].[Satisfaccion%] * 1) > 0.84), “|#,#%|style=’green’”, IIf((([Measure].[Satisfaccion%] * 1) < 0.61), “|#,#%|style=’red’”, “#,#%”))

    Cases analyzed:

    1) Using “.” (period) as decimal separator (as in 0.84 and 0.61): Notwithstanding I have figures in the “green” and “white” realms, all my figures show up in “red”.
    2) Using “,” (comma) as decimal separator (as in 0,84 and 0,61): Mondrian Error: No funtion matches signature ‘(<Numeric Expresion>, <Numeric Expresion>)”

    Enclosed for your reference, I include an image of the MDX Query window and the corresponding view of my value set as it appears in Jpivot.

    I have tested the conditional formatting on another cube, where the decimal separator is the “.” (period) for numeric data and its works successfully.

    I have read thread, and although it appears to relate to my case, that discussion is just t technical.

    I'd appreciate any assistance.
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    Default Attachment for thread: Problems in JPivot when decimal separator is commas

    Sorry for the omission... enclosed the MDX query used in the edit and the screenshot of the JPivot Table for further reference.

    By the way, I have read all the threads on decimal separators posted in the Mondrian Forums... but some of these are too technical for my background.

    I'd be much obliged for all the help in "layman's" terms....

    Regards, DMurray

    PD: I will be duplicating this thread in the internationalization-spanish forum to see if my "Spanish" friends... can also assist...
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