We are using detail measure in reports to show user, all the rows used up for getting the measure values at particular level. Now this work fines if we take dimension with level/sublevles.

But when we have parent child hierarchy dimension, then measures shows values which are roll up of childrens+parents but the detail measure just shows the records which are parent level..this way records shown in detail are tough to map back with roll up measures and can be confusing..anyhow the all level shows complete list of records as there is no where clause condition for particular dimension value.

For example we have organziation parent child hierarchy where O2 is child of O1. Now measures at O1 level will be roll up of O1 and O2 records but O1 detail will show only records of O1.

Shoud this consider be an issue?if yes, Is there any plan of fixing it in coming release?