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Thread: Columns in bar chart

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    Default Columns in bar chart

    I have a table whith two columns (valor1 and valor2) and a primary key (id -> 6 and 5).

    The chart shows three bars for each id but I only want the chart show two columns (valor1 and valor2)

    How can I do it?

            <query-result type="result-set" mapping="query_result"/> 
            <query><![CDATA[select id, valor1, valor2
    from val_table]]></query> 
          <action-type>Bar Chart</action-type>
            <chart-data type="result-set" mapping="query_result"/>
            <image-tag type="string"/> 
              <chart-background type="color">#FFFFFF</chart-background>  
              <plot-background type="color">#EEEEEE</plot-background>  

    How does series name attribute work?
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    Try removing the 'id' from your select statement. So your statement should be: 'select valor1, valor2 from val_table'.

    Hope this helps.


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    I have same problem...I have read all docs about charting reference with no results...i tried to use <series-name> but nothing happened...
    what about? I'm going crazy...

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    try by-row = true

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    It seems to me that I had a similar problem until I explicitly made the title column (the first column) a string instead of an integer. In my case, I wanted to use the year for the grouping title, but it kept plotting the year as one of the charts until I prepended the year with some text (e.g. "FY " for fiscal year).

    Perhaps something like:

    select 'ID: ' + CONVERT(varchar(2), id) as ID, valor1, valor2
    from val_table
    Note that my example uses MS-SQL's convert function; YMMV.
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