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Thread: Kettle Repository

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    Default Kettle Repository


    I erased a repository that I have created... But now that I want to create a new one the "New" tab is disabled and the repositories dialog is closed.

    What can I do to repare this???

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    You can click in: "Repository" Menu > Connect to repository (Ctrl + R) > click in "New" button to create a new repository.
    It's important to export the repository (in XML format) time again to keep a backup.


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    Question Kettle Repository


    Thanks por the answer, but Ihave a problem...

    The option "Repository" Menu > Connect to repository does'nt appear in the repositories dialog... Just appear catalog, username, password, and the tabs new, edit and delete... But when Iclick in "new" the repositories dialog is closed.

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    What's your kettle version? It does exist some log file (like log_20080229.log for instace) in the kettle's directory? The problem can be contained in this file log.

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    Perhaps your repositories.xml file has been corrupted somehow.
    Try to see what's wrong with it, or simply rename it to .old and try again.


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