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    I am a new user who only so far managed to use Pentaho Report Designer to make reports with self-made SQL queries. We are working on a web application where we need to train our users to make their own reports with PRD.

    The issue here is that each user should only be given permission to make report with data collected from their subsidiaries. Thus, the SQL statement each user uses should be different.

    Our web application authenticate user against an LDAP server, and obtain a subsidiary ID from the LDAP server, store it in the session, then uses this ID to check user's permission (a.k.a. each user's query on the web are padded with proper joins and wheres to only give results of data of that subsidiary).

    How can we move this mechanism to report making? I suppose we need to make some sort of customer datasource? Or can metadata editor help? Here my problem is not knowing where to start and there seems to be tons of information everywhere. e.g. if a customer data source is not possible to avoid, I don't need to spend so much time reading metadata editor stuff. I am on time pressure so I'd very much like to be given possible paths to go to.

    Thanks very much in advance!

    Just to let you know, I think Pentaho Report surpass our originally planned solution (MS Access) almost on every aspect except learning curve. Thanks for contributing this good product and make it OSS.
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