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Thread: Open a file in Pentaho Cube Designer

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    Question Open a file in Pentaho Cube Designer


    I made some reports in the Cube Designer...

    I want to modify some of them but when I try to open in the Cube Designer I can't, because the files are .xml...

    I have to do all again or what can I do??


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    yeah you can't reopen files at the moment in cube designer, just don't close the publisher down
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    Question An alternative to editing a Cube Designer report

    Hi there,

    Can you please provide us an alternative way to edit an already existing cube report? Either by modifiying the 3 files generated: .properties, .xml, .xaction

    How do I re-publish them manually?

    We are developing a lot of reports, so as you know these will have to change until accomplishing the customers needs. If there were 2 or 3 reports would be tolerable to re-make them again, but they are at least about 20.

    Do you have planned a Cube Designer release that can open and edit an already published report, and be able to re-publish it. If so, what would be the release date?

    Thanks for your help.


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    What I do is generate the first cube using the cube designer, and after that I edit the .xml file manually.

    The syntax is very clear and you even have, somewhere, a .xsd file to make validations.
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    Question Publish Reports in Mondrian Schema Workbench


    I modified some reports (that I have done with the Cube Designer) with the Mondrian Schema Workbench...

    But I don't know how to publish them??

    Can I publish and see them in the Cube Designer???


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