Has anyone been successful in running the BI Platform demo on Weblogic 10? I've been stuck on the 'Could not configure BIRT engine' issue for several days and cannot seem to get past it. My solution-path is hardcoded in the pentaho.war web.xml file as 'C:\bea\user_projects\domains\pentaho_demo\pentaho-solutions'. I've done enough logging to see that it appears that the solution path is found since prior listeners are loaded without issue. It seems to hit a problem in the BirtSystemListener.startup method when it's trying to create the BIRT engine. More specifically, it fails when trying to run the
Platform.startup(config); line of code. I get the BIRT.ERROR_008 - Could not configure BIRT Engine which in turn gives the PentahoSystem.ERROR_0014.

I've got some good support to build a proof-of-concept and have sold the idea of open source BI but really need to get this running to continue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.