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Thread: Collapsed Aggregate Table problem

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    Default Collapsed Aggregate Table problem


    I am new using aggregate tables, i have a fact table with id_geography, and geography dimension with desc_country, desc_region, desc_departament, desc_city and id_geography.

    i want to collapse geography dimension , using in agg table only desc_country and desc_region.

    in the mondrian log i have the sql:

    "geography"."desc_region" as "c0"
    "agg_1_fact_table" as "agg_1_fact_table",
    "geography" as "geography"
    "agg_1_fact_table"."desc_country" = 'Canada' and
    ("geography"."desc_country" = 'Canada')
    group by
    order by
    "geography"."desc_region" ASC

    My question is: why if the description is in the aggregate table, mondrian uses geography table too, if the field names are equal?

    there is any way to have an sql that not use geography dimension? only aggregate table?

    Thanks for any help

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    I have the same problem. Don't understand why mondrian is using the dimension table, since all the information is in the fact table.
    The query is slow because there is no join operation defined between the two tables.
    I found an odd workaround. Create a aggregate table with the collapse dimension and the fact columns. But this can't be the answer.

    Please response.. this is an important issue.

    Carlos Dias

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    Another important issue... and this is really important.
    Any other user has this problem???

    Julian Hyde, can you answer to this one too?

    Carlos Dias

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    Back to this post again...
    This is a very important issue...

    Anybody can help?

    Carlos Dias

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    In the Mondrian documentation:
    The SQL generated for a MDX query for which this aggregate table can be used, would no longer refer to the time dimension's table but rather all time related information would be gotten from the aggregate table.
    With this I can conclude that the behavior described below is a bug. Please confirm.

    Carlos Dias

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