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Thread: mondrian- is not working with jpivot?

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    Question mondrian- is not working with jpivot?

    Hi All,

    I have just installed the new version of Mondrian and it seems not to work with JPivot.

    When I try to run some query I get this message:

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: mondrian.olap.DriverManager.getConnection(Lmondrian/olap/Util$PropertyList


    I guess that something changed in Mondrian and not changed in Jpivot. well, I am not sure what is going on.

    Does someone know how to overcome this error?


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    just use the 3.0.2 available since yesterday. It works.

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    This doesn't work...
    I check the code of mondrian.olap.DriverManager and I don't find the method with this signature.
    JPivot is expecting:
    public static Connection getConnection(
    Util.PropertyList properties,
    CatalogLocator locator,
    DataSource dataSource,
    boolean fresh)

    This exists in 3.0.0, not in 3.0.2.

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    I wonder if anybody got this working?

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    Only upgrading to 3.0.2 worked for me. One thing to note is that XMLA doesn't work with Java 1.6...

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    That's the one I try. Mondrian 3.0.2. with JPivot 1.8.
    I will try again... but it's strange because I check the source of 3.0.2 and the method doesn't exists with this signature.

    Thanks for the answer,
    Carlos Dias

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    Use the version of JPivot that is included with mondrian 3.0.2 and everything should be fine. Sorry about the confusion here. It was a surprise to us that 3.0.1 broke JPivot, but we made release 3.0.2 as soon as we discovered the problem.

    JPivot 1.8 uses the deprecated (now removed) APIs. I believe that we have contributed the fix back to JPivot (Will, can you confirm this?) and hopefully the JPivot dev team will make a new release soon.


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    Thanks for the answer Julian.
    From what I understand the mondrian 3.0.2 has a version of JPivot. But what is the base version? 1.5? Or 1.8?

    Carlos Dias

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    JPivot head. More recent than 1.8.

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    Hi !!

    i have the same problem , i tried to download mondrian 3.0.2, but i didn't find it ..

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