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Thread: How can I query periods of time in Cube Designer

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    Question How can I query periods of time in Cube Designer


    I have a report created in Cube Designer.. I want to know if it is possible that the users can enter any range of dates to query information in especific periods of time.. For example query the sales between 01/03/2008 and 20/03/2008..

    Can I do this??? How?? and Where??

    If someone can help me I´'ll be very gratefull..


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    Indeed you can, but the first time you try it may take some getting used to.

    Taking the finshed xaction you have to create the MDX code you want for the outputted table, then in the xaction editor you will have to create an input prompt that lets users select a date range, for example I use 2 drop down boxes to select year and month, then pass these as variables to the MDX query in the OLAP process.

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