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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to now if there is a way to implement "Slowing Changing Dimension" type 3 (history in columns) in Kettle ?

    For exemple, I hava a table with 4 columns (for Q1, ... Q4). If I extract my data in Feb I want to use column Q1. If I extract in April I want to use column Q2 (keeping value in Q1 !), ...


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    I think your definition of Type 3 is strange. (
    We don't do this the way you asked, but obviously you can add the logic yourself in the steps before the "Dimension lookup/update" step.
    I would strongly advice you NOT to store factual data like that in an SCD though.

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    Thanks Matt for your response.

    I know that it's not the best practice to store data in fact table like this, but it's for a specific need and I must do like that !

    Quote Originally Posted by MattCasters View Post
    you can add the logic yourself in the steps before the "Dimension lookup/update" step.
    You say I can add the logic, but it was my question I don't see how I can do that !
    For exemple if in my table I have a row :

    Year Month Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
    2006 01 100 0 0 0

    In Q2, I have

    2006 01 0 120 0 0

    If I use a "Dimension lookup/update" I will have a row :
    2006 01 0 120 0 0 and not
    2006 01 100 120 0 0

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    Bonjour Dam,

    I think you mix up some concepts. A SCD (slowly changing dimension) is NOT a fact table. If it would be a fact table, I would not have a problem with what you're doing :-)

    The type of dash-board / analytical fact table you're building typically involves some clever logic, probably in the form of JavaScript.

    The way you do it is do a lookup of the existing data in the (fact- but in your case dimension-) table. That leaves you 4 fields: Q1_lookup, ..., Q4_lookup.
    Then you calculate the new data in say monthly_total and the quarter_number (from the date dimension).

    JavaScript does the rest:

    var q1 = Q1_lookup;
    var q2 = Q2_lookup;
    var q3 = Q3_lookup;
    var q4 = Q3_lookup;
    switch (quarter_number)
    case 1 : q1 = q1 + monthly_total ; break;
    case 2 : q2 = q2 + monthly_total ; break;
     case 3 : q3 = q3 + monthly_total ; break;
     case 4 : q4 = q4 + monthly_total ; break;
    q1, ..., q4 can then be used to store in the fact table. (or in your perverted case the dimension table :-)),

    Something like that should do it, didn't really test this sample myself, but I have been doing similar things previously.


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    Thx a lot for your quick reply,

    I thought to use JavaScript but I wanted to know if it had another way to do this. So, I will use JavaScript.

    Thx Matt

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