Major propietory BI tools like Microstrategy, offer a web customisation feature, that we can utilise to create BI Solutions and then customise their look and feel to suite our presentation and business needs. Such a feature would be really cool with Pentaho, and easier to implement, since Pentaho maintains an XML Based configuration schema, that can be readily customised. We can even implement another GUI Tool for these customisations.

Analytic development environments (ADEs) are the newest development technique on the block. ADEs are typically component-based extensions of business intelligence (BI) tools that let developers and power users create sophisticated analytic applications by dragging analytical objects onto a graphical workbench, where they can be connected and configured to create an analytic application without writing much code, if any at all.
ADEs are the analytical complement of integrated development environments or IDEs, which are used to build transaction applications. Examples of IDEs are Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Borland's JBuilder, Eclipse, IBM's WebSphere Studio and BEA's WebLogic Workshop. ADEs are the spiritual heir to IDEs, both in functionality and name.