Ok, being slightly crazy and clearly having too much time on my hands between answering repetitive threads on these forums I decided to fork JRubik and bring it back to life ad OLAP Query Desiger, yeah not the best name, but it will do , here's the ideas I have so far and wondered what people thought.

  • Update the core libraries
  • Basic Bug Fixing
  • Sort out the Menu, its pretty bad.
  • Fix the translations, at the moment it doesn't even pick up the translations files.
  • Add the ability to initialise the model from the mdx query panel
  • Make it more obvious how to remove columns from the tables
  • Better data exports
  • New Connection Wizard
Further down the line:
  • Rewrite with GWT
  • Add better filtering
  • Interactive Charts
  • Embedded Hyperlinks
  • A Basic and Advanced Interface
There the initial ideas, if anyone has any more let me know and I'll add them to the list. Anyone who wants to help also let me know and we can sort some stuff out