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    I browsed the forum and wiki but found out nothing complete about adding a custom data source in Report Designer. Here is my problem. I created a simple test factory to see how i can manage another data source in Report Designer. It heritates "ExtendedDataFactory". Then:
    1. I export my classe into a jar file and copy it into the lib directory of Report Designer,
    2. In Report Designer, i right click on "Data sources", "Add custom data source...",
    3. Query name: i leave as "default",
    4. Factory class:,
    5. Method: test (it finds the class and method),
    6. I cannot click on "OK" so i click on "Preview". It finds the two rows i defined in the code,
    7. I click on "OK" and here is my problem. My custom data source is not added into the Data source Tree.
    I am using Pentaho Report Designer 1.7.0 build 479. Do you have any idea why it is not adding properly ? Did i code something wrong ? Does anyone have a simple factory example ?

    I attached the two classes i am using to test the custom data source functionnality.

    Thanks for your help
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    Damien CORNU

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    I have exactly the same problem.
    Any suggestions?

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    same here...

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    Default I have the same Problem

    I have the same Problem.

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    Same here too

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