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Thread: Integrate mondrian with a desktop application

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    Default Integrate mondrian with a desktop application


    I have a business application where I want integrate mondrian. The idea is as follows.

    The business application is a java desktop application. It should connect to the mondrian server to get detailed information about business processes. It should send MDX queries.

    So my questions are. How can I connect to mondrian server from my desktop application? Has mondrian a web service API which can I use?

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    yeah thats what we're working on, for now you can check out the old version of jrubik on sourceforge, its useable just a be odd.

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    I agree that Schema Workbench doesn't probe the Mondrian Engine to let you know what's in there and control what's going on. I seem to waste a lot of time thinking my query isn't working only to find that the Cache needs to be flushed. And I'm not convinced that clicking that icon on the administrator console actually does anything. Sometimes, it seems like restarting the whole BI Server is the only way to flush the cache. (Yeah, I know I need to find that xaction sequence that does it but ...)

    To me, it would be really desirable to have those functions in the Cube/MDX design program. Even better, would be to add those capabilities to Design Studio. A GUI tool that allows you to map the foreign keys in the fact table to the primary keys in the dimension tables would be very helpful - even more so if you have a snowflake model. I'm not asking for too much am I?

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