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Thread: and cd problems, upgrade

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    Default and cd problems, upgrade

    Hi, we are just getting around to upgrading from 2.5 to the new ga version 3.0.2.

    I have gone through all of our jobs and transformations and verified that all is working good, but now we are having an execution problem with

    our setup looks like this:

    1. we execute a shell script that does some db archives and backups
    2. creates a new directory for all files created during the etl
    3. cd into the new directory
    4. excecute from the new directory.

    Now, it used to be that all log files (server.log) as well as all csv files we happen to create in the etl process, were written to the new directory. But, now it appears something has changed and all of these files are getting written to the directory in which lives.

    Is this a setting? How can we get the behavior back to what it was? Here is an example of how we are running

    /path/to/kettle/install/ sh $kitchen -rep="Kettle Repository" -user="admin" -pass="admin" -level="Basic" -dir="/ETL Process" -job="End to End" > /dev/null 2> stderr_output.log

    Also, it used to be that server.log was created and logged to by default and that appears to have changed so I did try adding -log="server.log" to that line above. Is this something that was changed on purpose?

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    For the kitchen problem, open up the job... There should be a new directory path you should be able to specify as working directory in v3.


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    Is there any way to set this working directory from the command line rather than in the job as we need to change the working directory every time it is run.?
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