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Thread: Adding new step to Kettle 2.5.2

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    Default Adding new step to Kettle 2.5.2

    Hi, I am using Kettle 2.5.2 for data conversion. As part of a transformation, I need to call application level utilities. I have been doing this through a javascript step that in turns calls java.

    It has been reported that the insertion of this step significantly reduces performance. I am considering on writing a Java Step that wraps the function.

    1. Could someone please point me to documentation and /. or an example by which I can build a java step and make it available to kettle.
      1. This step should have design time support. For example, I am considering using the calculator step and plugging in my business functions. This includes the UI and transformation definition.
      2. This step would need the runtime support

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    Following may be of help:

    And a list of extra plugins available (most with source code) to have a look at:

    Note that when you write your own plugin you will have to convert the code between PDI v2 and v3 as well.

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