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Thread: Workbench and Access DB - how to connect?

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    Default Workbench and Access DB - how to connect?

    Hy Folks...

    i set up the tomcat server, teh mondrian application and now I'm trying to get a connection to the demo DB Access with the workbench but it does not work.

    what do I have to put in teh fields?

    Driver Class Name: jdbcdbc:MondrianFoodMart
    Connection Url: C:\mondrian\demo\access\MondrianFoodMart.mdb



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    Default Workbench and Access DB - how to connect

    Hi JohnDoo,

    The steps to follow:

    1.- Define ODBC connection in your Windows System
    2.- Copy the rt.jar (this file is in /java/jre/lib in your Windows) iin your workbench instalation /lib

    3.- define the connection

    driver Class: sun.jdbc.odbc.Driver
    string url: jdbcdbc:yourOdbcName

    It's all
    Enric Biosca
    Project Director at ICA

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    thankx for the help, but it doesnt work. I did set up the Java, Tomcat and Mondrian like in the manual written:

    "Under the 'Administrative Tools' menu, click on the 'Data Sources (ODBC)' menu item to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Next, create a System DSN called MondrianFoodMart pointing to MONDRIAN_HOME/demo/access/MondrianFoodMart.mdb. (This allows Mondrian to access this data source using the JDBC connect string "jdbcdbc:MondrianFoodMart"."

    Microsoft ODBC Admin:

    So, the webapplication is running fine with mondrian - I can use for example the JPivot test page. Afterwards I installed the workbench, copied the rt.jr in the /lib directory and wrote the following preferences:

    Driver Class Name: sun:jdbc:odbc:Driver
    Connection URL: jdbc:odbc:MondrianFoodMart
    It still says: Database connection could not be done...

    Any hints i could miss?

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    Forget it, my fault, it jaust have to be the right driver and this has to be
    thank you for the help, its working

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