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Thread: The Kettle crash (spoon)

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    Default The Kettle crash (spoon)

    Dear All ,

    There were couple of scenarios during development and while runing the transfoirmation using Spoon ver 3.0. The ETL gave a runtime error

    Th error was unexpected error occured in Spoon.

    The transformation had i/p table and o/p table connect with hop. Then I tried adding a select values.

    I had to restart Spoon and then carry on with the evaluation.

    Can any body tell me why this error has come. Or is it normal to get such kind of erroprs in Spoon.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You don't have any hop between the input and the output.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sita View Post
    You don't have any hop between the input and the output.

    That's not what he's talking about - he's talking about the error dialog box. I get it as well seemingly randomly - I'll be in the middle of doing something (or doing nothing!) and the dialog box just pops up and says there was an error, and it seems like it should be saying what the error is but instead it says "null."

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