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Thread: INSERT INTO syntax Teradata

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    Question INSERT INTO syntax Teradata

    Hi ,

    I have a transformation trying to load from a CSV file to
    a Teradata table.

    The SQL being generated looks like :

    INSERT INTO "db_name.tbl_name"(ID, END_DATE) VALUES ( ?, ?)

    This is illegal in Teradata, it should be either

    INSERT INTO "db_name"."tbl_name"(ID, END_DATE) VALUES ( ?, ?)

    or (no quotes :

    INSERT INTO db_name.tbl_name (ID, END_DATE) VALUES ( ?, ?)

    Is there a way to configure the SQL, or if not, any workarounds ?

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    upgrade... In v3.0.2 that should have been fixed, and there are some options in the database connect dialog to direct the quoting.

    If it's not solved raise a JIRA at


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    Default INSERT INTO syntax Teradata

    Hi Sven,

    Thanks for your response.
    I am using version 3.0.2 build 538

    I will put in a JIRA.


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    I very much doubt that this is a bug. You do need to specify

    Schemaname : db_name
    Tablename : tbl_name

    The quotes are probably generated because you put a dot (.) in a table-name.


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    Hi Sven, yes, specifying the database as the schema name corrected it.
    Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

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