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Thread: How to change Publis Dialog defaults?

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    Question How to change Publis Dialog defaults?


    I have configured my Pentaho BI Server in some non-standard locations - I'm experimenting a lot. Is there any wau to pre-configure the Publish To dialog to some specific path or address? Or even better, to have it always publish to wherever I point it to? Or do I have to go trough the Publish To dialog every time?

    Thanks a lot,

    São Paulo, Brazil

    P.S.: I did some search on this, but I couldn't find anything.

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    Aug 2007

    Cool Yes!

    I'm starting to get the handle of it.

    Comming back to it, I took a time to sweep through RDW files - all of them. To change any publish default parameter just edit the following file:

    [RDW ROOT]\resources\

    Next on agenda: to get web publish working.

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