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Thread: Versions of Kettle

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    Default Versions of Kettle

    Hi, I'm currently running kettle 3.0.2 538. This is running on a semi-production environment (I call it this way cause it's in production but there is not a big deal if it crashes sometime). I have noticed some bugs in this version (already reported in this forum and probably at jira). My question is, should I go for the 3.1 version now? should i upgrade to 3.0.3 558 (currently the latest at the ftp download.pentaho) or should I stay at 3.0.2?


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    "Officially" 3.0.2, but since 3.0.3 only contains bugfixes and is probably near release personally I would take that that risk.

    As for any piece of software, don't throw anything in production without doing your own testing.


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    We have been very careful with 3.0.3, but at Pentaho we still believe it's required to do things like:
    - sanity testing (build a few jobs/transformations, run them, etc)
    - build integrity (install on a few platforms)
    - run all the unit tests
    - do a quick verification of the docs, version numbers, etc

    When these things are done, we can release a GA version. For 3.0.3 that will probably happen somewhere next week.
    We're working on a few more bug fixes that need to go in.


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