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Thread: Set and Get Variables

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    Default Set and Get Variables

    Hello All...

    I am using set and get variables in my transformations.... For set variables i am feeding data from a xml file...

    The problem is that the value of those variables will not change on changes made in the sourse xml file...

    means the changes made in xml file is not reflecting in the variable value

    Please help me in this regards...

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    Hello all.....

    Please reply for this.... I am really in need of it....

    The problem is if u change the input for the set variable; the values of previous instance is retained... no matter how many times the new value is set.

    help me in regads...

    Deepak S

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    Default get and set variables...

    hi dude,

    How are u doin...
    ya i've seen ur post....n even i m facin the same problm. I think u shld try with some other version of kettle...all d best... waitin for reply from some genius......

    chanchal singh

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    Hey "dude",

    Your keyboard seems to miss some letters

    You can't set and use variables reliably in the same transformation, you have to set them in a separate transformation.
    And when you set them you have to use some kind of "execute for each row" functionality to execute the rest of the flow (or you will not see many different values of the variable).

    Have a look e.g. at the "Process all tables" example in the samples\jobs directory in your local installation.


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    here i am sending the snapshop of my transformation....

    the thing here is i want to give pass argument for the procedure dynamically...

    i have to use variables.... for arguments...

    how can i do that

    thanking you...

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    Sven already answered your question Deepak.

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    Hello Matt...

    Sven already answered your question Deepak

    I have tried that also.... For that also I am not getting the out put....

    I have attached my files in the other thread hoping that i'll get a solution...

    please help me out

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