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Thread: Problem in Job execution

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    Default Problem in Job execution

    Hello All...

    I am having two transformations....
    lets say trans A - sets a custom variable and
    another trans B - uses that custom variable...

    My problem is, if they are executed as independent transformations they works fine and getting the desired output...

    If i put those two transformation under single job.... the job is running(showing success) but i am not getting the output of those transformations...

    Comment on this regards...

    Thanking in advance

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    You need to give us attachments of the job and the transformations for us to be able to have any idea what is going on. It could be as simple as your having not connected the steps or maybe set the connection to only be followed if the first one was false.. too many possibilities.

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    Unhappy Problem with set / get variables

    Ok Sir...

    I am sending here the transformations and the job file as attavhments...

    Now the new problem is that the get variable in the second transformation is not working meaning that in the get variable - the variable set in the previous transformation is not visible....

    The files are

    part1.ktr - First Transformation
    part2.ktr - Second Transformation
    new job.kjb - Job combining these two transformation

    please help me in that...
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    As you mentioned in one of the other threads you started on this topic, the problem was the fact that you had checkmarked the options to "run once for every input row" and the option to "clear input rows before execution". The run once option was enough to prevent it from working since you weren't passing any rows to the subsequent transformation, but telling it to clear the rows first is just mean. That's like telling a kid, "Go buy a candy bar for every dollar I give you" and then taking the money from your wallet and burning it in front of him before turning around and walking away.

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Make sure you read the Spoon user guide in the docs directory of your Kettle installation. It has useful descriptions of some of the options available on all the different dialogs.

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    Never try to use a variable in the same transformation, always use a job, set the scope to the Parent job and make sure you have a Get Variables that matches the same variable names that you set in the transformation that you used a Set Variables in.

    Look at the samples, your probably close...

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    Hello all...

    Thanks all of u for the valuable comments....

    As Matt said.... the problem was with the scope of variable in the set variable utility....

    Its working fine now....

    Thanks a lot once again...

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