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Thread: dynamic headers

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    Default dynamic headers


    I’m trying to create a report with dynamic headers.

    For each month I need that the column header labels change in a dynamic way.

    For example,
    200801 200802 200803 200804

    For the next month a new column 200805.

    200801 200802 200803 200804 200805

    To try to solve this I’ve done two reports, one get the headers and the other get only the records.

    But my problem comes when I need to create groups.

    Only in the first group you can see the header but I need to see the headers for all the groups.

    Could anybody help me?

    Thanks for all

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    Cann you tell us more about your data-organization? Most of these "dynamic" reporting cases can be solved easily if the data fed into the engine has the correct structure.
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