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Thread: Cross Platform Support -windows to linux

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    Question Cross Platform Support -windows to linux

    I have been developing my jobs and transformations on a Windows server and want to know what I need to do to deploy it on a Linux server. My concern is that the job scheduler uses the windows scheduler and that my file operations will not work do to the differences in filename notations. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well all linux boxes run a cron for timed execution of programs, but the executables for things like kettle jobs will need to be changed as the files paths etc will be different. Everything else though should be reasonably similar though.

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    Default Thanks, now how about Oracle issues

    Thanks Tom for the quick reply but no good deed goes unpunished so I have another platform migration question. This one is database related. In migrating my transformations from MS SQL to Oracle I am getting insert errors for my primary key-index fields. I know Oracle uses sequences how does kettle support this? Do I have to add my own sql statement to retrieve the appropriate value? -Allen

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