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Thread: Cache Problem

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    Default Cache Problem


    how I can clear the cache in Mondrian. I have big problems with caching the .xml Files and the querys. How I can clear the cache of this 2 things?

    Mondrian 3.0.2

    Hope for help
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    Pls help.

    How I can clear the mondrian cache??

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    Noone here with an idea? Pls i need this.

    I googeld and found some solutions but I alsy get an error.

    I use the latest version of mondrian. And i need to clear the cache.

    No one here who can help a planless student witch mondrian?

    So alle works but the cache problem is very big.

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    I found this. But how I can now clear my hole cache? Sry but i´m really a noob and i really need ur help!

    How and where I have to add something to clear the cache?

    So pls help me.

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    I've a similar problem with the pentaho cache.
    I use pentaho-design-studio to create the xaction files, but can't view the results immediatly. Could you help me?

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