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Thread: Group by Month - How!

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    Default Group by Month - How!

    I have looked everywhere for info on how to create a report that groups the results by month - right now my report is grouping by the full date stamp so each record is it's own group.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this and is there a user doc for Report Designer 1.7.0???



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    Default Data Warehouse

    I think you may want to look into creating a data warehouse using Pentaho Data Integration.

    The idea is simple. If you have records that include a date timestamp you can take this data and place it into a data warehouse. Using the timestamp field you can create extra fields for this data like the day, month, year et

    Once you have these extra fields in your data warehouse you will be able to query your data grouped by month and then use that data in report groups.

    I would suggest you look into Data warehousing on google or something. This will really make you BI life run alot more smoothly.

    Hope that gets you started!

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    Actually, for that requirement there is no dataware-house needed.

    You need:

    (1) Sort your data by the date.
    (2) Add a "message-format expression" to the report with the pattern set to "$(your-timestamp-field, date, yyyyMM)"
    (3) Add a Group that uses the name of the message-format-expression as field on which to group on

    The message format expression will format your timestamp by year and month and thus all timestamps of the same year/month will yield the same text and thus allow the grouping to work.

    Make sure that your database actually returns a DATE and not a NUMBER, or you will run into trouble. If the column in your database is declared to be DATETIME or TIMESTAMP, then you will be fine, but the whole process will fail if the column is declared as INTEGER or NUMBER column.
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    Thanks for your help - got it working...

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