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Thread: Excel number format error in MS Office 2007

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    Default Excel number format error in MS Office 2007


    I've an element created using number formatter, to which I've set a decimal format with the Singapore Dollar Currency as prefix. It's toPattern() on sysout is: S$#,##0.00;(S$#,##0.00)

    When the report is exported to Excel, OpenOffice can open this file without any errors, but MS Excel-2007 shows a format error and no formatting is displayed.
    The format in excel file( when I checked using OpenOffice) is:

    Then I changed it within OpenOffice->Format Cells, to S$#,##0.00;(S$#,##0.00) i.e. without any quotes and opened it in MS Excel, it shows a custom format as: "S$"#,##0.00;"(S$"#,##0.00) and works.

    Am I missing something while setting the decimal format on the element?

    But, just with $ or € symbols, there's no problem. So, please advice how this can this be solved?

    Thanks and Regards,

    PS. I'm using POI-3.0.1-Final and Pentaho Reporting-

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    When exporting to Excel, we try to use the Java Number/Date-Formats as Excel formats. This works in the simple cases, but not in the complexer ones (like yours).

    The Cell-Format string syntax in Excel is totally undocumented and (to make things worse) these strings seem to be locale dependent. So our workaround for that is to use one of the most powerful computing systems of the world to solve this problem: Your brain

    You can specify a explicit "Excel-Format string" on the number-fields, which then overrides the common (Java) formatstring when exporting to Excel. When you specify the quoted version (as produced by OpenOffice) there, you should be fine.
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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the details. I'll try by setting "Excel-Format string" to number elements.


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