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Thread: Running pentaho as a server

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    Default Running pentaho as a server

    I've downloaded pentaho1.6 and am trying to configure it according to the instructions given in Getting_Started_with_the_BI_Platform-1.5.4.pdf . I did the e-mail config , changing server port , creating publish password etc. but seem to run into a brick wall when trying to make my system work like a server.
    I changed the base-url in the web.xml in my deploy folder as specified in the pdf file , and my BI server does display the following message when starting up .

    "16:23:40,125 INFO [STDOUT] Pentaho BI Platform server is ready. (Pentaho BI Platform 1.6.0.GA.863) Base Url = http://m5:7001/pentaho/, Solution Path = E:\penta

    However i cant access http://m5:7001/pentaho/ from my system or over the network. Accessing http://localhost:7001/pentaho from my system still works fine. Am i missing something here ?

    P.S. I'm new to the BI domain and am having trouble understanding the working of Pentaho or some of the existing documenation ('Creating_Pentaho_Solutions-1.5.4.pdf' sounds like greek to me :-) ) . Please let me know if there are any good newbie level documentation or walkthrough available on the web.

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    The wiki is the most up to date source of information.

    Anyway you have run into the most common of newbie problems: check the startup.bat/sh stuff

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