Hi everyone.

Basically I'm experiencing two issues with the CubeDesigner, and I'll just post them already (the first error is happenning to a friend of mine who is setting up the CubeDesigner on Windows, though):

1) On Windows XP, after setting up the first step, the tables/schemas just won't show on the drop-down menu. It somehow shows up for very little time and then the menu goes up again, thus not allowing the selection of any table. Has anyone ever experienced this and know the solution? I think I've had this once when setting it up on Windows but it got randomly fixed. The JDK version is 1.5, and we've tried with both versions of CubeDesigner.

2) How do I tell the XML file that my primaryKey is not the last level of the hierarchy? I thought that putting the correct attribute (as in the foodmart example) would solve that, but it didn't work. My hierarchy is something like:

- <Dimension name="Product" foreignKey="product_key" primaryKey="product_key">
- <Hierarchy name="Product" hasAll="true" allMemberName="All product">
<Table name="product" />

<Level name="product.department" table="product" column="department" uniqueMembers="true" />

<Level name="product.category" table="product" column="category" uniqueMembers="false" />

<Level name="product.subcategory" table="product" column="subcategory" uniqueMembers="false" />

<Level name="product.brand" table="product" column="brand" uniqueMembers="false" />
<Level name="product.key" table="product" column="product_key" uniqueMembers="true" />



For some reason it keeps comparing the last level of the hierarchy with the column on the fact table, so I can't put like the product description (which is the name of it and it would be the last level).

Any help would be very appreciated!