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Thread: Mondrian XMLA and olap4j

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    Default Mondrian XMLA and olap4j


    I have wriitten a small Java Console Application which should connect to Mondrian using olap4j.

    Connection connection =
    "jdbc:xmla:" +
    "Server=; "
    + "Catalog=/WEB-INF/queries/Uni.xml");
    OlapConnection olapConnection = connection.unwrap(OlapConnection.class);
    OlapStatement statement = olapConnection.createStatement();

    I have customized the web.xml, datasource.xml and
    The name of the catalog is Uni.xml. The driver and ConnectionString is well configurated, because I can query the Uni.xml cube in JPivot.

    When I start the java application I always get the error message:

    <faultstring>XMLA connection datasource not found</faultstring>
    <XA:error xmlns:XA="">
    <desc>The Mondrian XML: Mondrian Error:Internal
    error: no data source is configured with name 'MondrianFoodMart'</desc>

    I cannot unterstand why Mondrian is searching after the datasource MondrianFoodMart.

    How can I change it?
    Where I can configure the datasource for xmla?

    Best regards

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    Default Mondrian XMLA

    As far as I understood you send the request
    "Server=; "
    to the xmla.jsp in webapps/mondrian. I think when you look in that file it will help.

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