This was my first real foray into building JUnit tests for Kettle
transformation steps. I was very unhappy with the amount of copy and
paste and tweaking that had to be done to add just one more test.
Obviously, some of it is unavoidable, but I took the time to refactor
out as much of it as I could into a new class that I tried to design
to be able to streamline at least some of the pain away.
The class was commited in revision 7634 and is currently in the
package /Kettle/trunk/test/org/pentaho/di/trans/steps/regexeval/ and the class inherits
from it.

If it looks interesting and/or useful to you, I would be willing to
try to find a bit of time to move it into a more generic package and
refactor some of the existing unit tests to take advantage of its
helper methods to encourage wider use.

If it is flawed in some way then let me know so I can make sure that
RegexEvalTest isn't broken and we can never speak of the suggestion
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