Per Sven's suggestions, it has a checkbox to turn on the capture group
functionality (and enable the fields table below).
If the checkbox is left off, a transformation created with the step
will still operate in 3.0.x.
All 3.0.x RegexEval transformations should work transparently with the
new version.
If a user turns on the capture group functionality and adds new fields
to the result stream, they can no longer run that transformation in
3.0.x because those fields will not be created in the old version.
They can however, clean up the transformation to no longer rely on
those fields and run in 3.0.x again (e.g. you can't permanently break
a transformation by using the new version)

I added a few more unit tests to the step to cover some of the new
functionality. As always, more tests would be good.

It also needs a sample and doc'ing.

I really am excited about this step. I believe it will be useful to
very many people who need to ETL funky files that don't fit into other
input steps and are disappointed with the throughput of parsing them
with the JS step.
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