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Thread: What License Pentaho use?

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    I'm not sure what licence their Subscription edition is distributed under, but I'd guess so.

    You'll have to email them and find out.
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    The license of the reporting engine is LGPL, therefore you can embed it safely in a commercial application as long as you obey to the terms spelled out in the License.

    However, whenever you distribute the application, you have to tell your users that your software contains LGPLed code and you have to provide the full license text (so that users know what rights they have) and you have to include a written offer to give them the sourcecode of the LGPLed parts. (To make it explicitly clear: This does not mean that code you have written has to be opensource, but it means that the opensource code you use has to remain open.)

    As usual: Always ask a lawyer before you decide to accept a license (especially for such critical things like developing applications).

    A license is a legal contract and therefore you should treat it as such. It always surprises me that people happily accept insane license terms without reading and understanding the license text.
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    Take Taqua's advise above:
    However, as with all licenses, commercial or non-commercial, the definite answer on whether a license is safe in your company can only be provided by a lawyer. Common humans are not meant to digest licensing terms
    However, from my understanding, you can use Pentaho in a commercial setting, even if it is customer facing.

    However, if you re planning to package and give away copies of Pentaho (or works derived from Pentaho), then you should not deny your recipients that rights that you have (that is, access to the Pentaho source code).

    Again, I believe the GPL make provisions for you to protect additional functionality that you may added to your final package, with the provision that you make your customers aware that your product is based on Pnetaho.

    This is just my take on the subject. I do not have the answers. Your lawyer does.

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