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Thread: org.olap4j.transform and org.olap4j.layout packages are missing

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    Default org.olap4j.transform and org.olap4j.layout packages are missing

    Hello together,

    I have downloaded the newest verison of olap4j (
    In the olap4j specification (version: 0.9.5, last modified: 25th march 2008) the packages org.olap4j.transform and org.olap4j.layout are described, but the olap4j.jar file don't contain this packages.

    Where I can find this packages???

    Best regards

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    Julian replied:

    We decided to focus on the core connectivity, metadata and parsing functionality in the first releases of olap4j, given that it would be impossible to do anything without them.

    Transform and layout still need to be flushed out in the spec, then we can add them to the code. Deferring them proved to be a good idea, because we are learning a lot while we are building halogen. Expect to see them in a future version of the spec, and in code a little after that, but for now (and the next few point releases) the focus will be on stabilizing the existing API and drivers.
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