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    Hope this is the right forum for this general question.

    The company I work for is considering Pentaho. Existing (chiefly MySQL but in all cases relational) databases used by some of our in-house apps contain most of the data we want, but we need a good, off-the-shelf reporting front end to present it. Data mining is also a longer-term objective.

    The demo I downloaded uses the built-in Hypersonic database with canned data. I was imagining that, in the real app, we'd just re-point our Pentaho instance to one of our existing databases, and start building reports from it. I found this wiki page:
    "Occasionally when developing an action sequence to extend the Pentaho BI platform, the action sequence needs access to information in a relational database."
    It appears fairly straightforward to switch the data source, but the word "occasionally" makes me think maybe I'm way off from typical, supported use?

    Trying to figure out how else we'd do it; would we set up Pentaho on its own dedicated MySQL installation and syncronize data into that from our existing databases? I also saw Kettle, which does ETL; is that an option?


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    Ignore occasionally pentaho is designed to work with pretty much any relational database man ever invented. JDBC or ODBC(*shudder*).

    Extracting data is done however you see fit, generally people have warehouses and report off them instead of putting more load on a live database but there are plenty of options in regards to how and when you use your data.

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    I guess I was free-associating, as for a couple of the databases, there's a replication server that's a full copy, in which updates/inserts are a few seconds delayed vis a vis the live one, so it's possible for us to put Pentaho on top of the replication, get pretty accurate data at a high level, yet not overload the live databases. But the data warehouse is probably the better (and cheaper) option architecturally.

    Thanks, Tom!

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