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Thread: hi/different field in same transformation

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    Question hi/different field in same transformation

    i get this warning when i am joining two Excel inputs to a step...

    We detected rows with varying number of fields, this is not allowed in a transformation. The first row contained 4 fields, another one contained 11 : [Sub - Products String], [UOM String], [Duration String], [Sales Volume Integer], [Avg. Realisation Integer], [Sales Value Integer], [Contribution Value Integer], [Contribution % Integer], [Contribution / Fixed Costs Integer], [PBIT Value Integer], [PBIT % Integer]

    i have a basic question can...
    how to use multiple sheet inputs in excel input... say in two sheet and both have different fields in it ...
    and i want to put then in a single table??

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    without having your .xls and your table specification, it's a little difficult to imagine exactly what you're doing. But I suggest you to do two different transformations: one for loading the first sheet of the .xls, the other for loading the second one. In the input step you specify which of the sheets wou want to load. Then, you run both transformations from a single job.

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    Question hi

    hi maria

    i will upload the excel and also the table specifications..
    but let me explain you the problem first

    say in have a excel in which there are two sheets sheet1 and sheet2
    and then sheet1 has
    say|| name|| age||qualification as details

    and sheet2 have entire different field like

    condition:say for a certain reason i cant use these in the same excel sheet.

    i need to extract from sheet1 and sheet2 the details and put it in a particular table having all the field as mentioned above by using a single transformation and in that transformation i m using only one excle input(step) as only sheets are changing...

    is this possible as... ???

    one more poss.

    say if i use two excel inputs with same excel file for extraction...and choose different sheets respectively...and

    then i need to merge them a particular step...(at that point it gives me this warning that i have mentioned .. ) so that i can put the values in the table...

    i hope u understood.
    if not i will upload the ktr i have made

    sarat kiran
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    Did you try one of the "Join" steps in order to merge the two input steps in the same transformation?

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