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Thread: Style Expression "Font-bold"

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    Question Style Expression "Font-bold"


    I got a question.
    I was wondering how the syntax could be of the font-bold style expression?!

    So if I use for example the background color expression, I could write like this:
    report: if([Sum]>20;"green";"red")
    But within the font-bold expression I don't know what I can use for the "then" and the "else" statement. I tried true & false, 1 & 0, but nothing did work.

    Can anybody help me


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    The engine either expects the correctly typed values or strings that can be parsed into the target value.

    The "font-bold" key is a boolean key, so either create booleans by using the functions "TRUE()" and "FALSE()" or by returning the strings "true" and "false" (case matters!).
    But as the condition of your IF-Function is a boolean in itself, you can as well use the function "=(Sum]>20)" with the same effect.
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    it worked...
    great, thanks

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    Default Thanks a lot..!!

    It worked...

    In expression builder it is showing in caps.. like 'TRUE' and 'FALSE'..
    But we have to use "true" and "false"


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